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Wendy is a long time art coach, helping students for deacades discover the artist within by teaching simple methods and working with the student at his or her level.

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“I love to help people learn to express themselves with painting, and am always excited to help a new person see that they can indeed paint! Patience and tools: this is how we create new artists, and anyone can do it”


Wendy Soneson creates artistic experiences for elders in their home or other setting.

The session will be a highlight of the week for students: a time to share stories and and learn about the expressive opportunities of the medium of watercolor. It is a time to talk about art and its place in the world, and in the life of the student.

In sessions Wendy will:

*Give full attention to the student’s life history and present situation, while teaching the basic skills of drawing and watercolor.

*Discuss the art world and the meaning of art in life

*If possible, go on art journeys to beautiful sights or museums, to share thoughts and reactions.

*Tailor sessions to meet the level of interest and ability. This could include music and other art forms, as well as viewing and discussing visual arts.

*Encourage and appreciate the student for efforts to forward to more exciting and deeper art experiences.

*Help take paintings to the next level: making cards or having a show.

She specializes in watercolor, an appropriate medium for older people due to comparative ease of use, and low toxicity. She gives demonstrations at major art museums and runs individual and small classes in the Bay area. Her degree is a Masters in Education, specializing in the Arts in Human Development, from Lesley University.