The Elders are Coming!



Just like the world is waking up to global warming, the world sees the increase in an older population coming over the horizon, rapidly growing just like global effects.

The tremendous waste of the resource of older people will not be able to continue as we need their wisdom and expertise more and more to solve the issues of the world. In addition, advocates for better living conditions for seniors are speaking up, including the seniors themselves.

Some cultures already make use of elders and what they have to offer, out of necessity. In the last century, the trend in the United States is to warehouse, medicate, and disenfranchise elders. The culture of youth has taken precedence.

But with elder population increasing, their voices will gain more power. New industries are already rising that help us understand, care for, and use the resource of elders more efficiently and effectively.

In the above podcast, which interviews experts on the subject, the point is made over and over that we have to somehow change our view of what it means to age. Only this will improve conditions for elders and those who either benefit from what they have to offer, or are being drained of their own strength by keeping the myth that elders are not capable alive.

You can make a difference by getting to know an older person and finding out what they still can and want to do.

I am looking to help aging (meaning everyone) people realize their creative potential. Then if they live longer, the life will be worth living.