Written Testimonies:

“Since I began to study watercolors with Wendy last fall, I have

totally changed my approach to portraiture, my passion.  Wendy's

professional articulation, technique, advice, demonstrations, and

coaching have been challenging and revolutionary to me.  She has

engendered risk-taking practices resulting in exciting and vibrant

art.  Wendy is a brilliant woman and an extraordinary teacher beyond compare.”   Pat Timothy


“Wendy is adored and highly respected by her loyal following.  I was just beginning and I felt like I had just discovered gold in a magnificent teacher.  I love this class. I have only been in the class for three weeks, but it's very, very, important to me. This isn't just any class; this is a class with a master watercolorist who has a unique and special gift for teaching.  Wendy is magic!   I came into the class wondering if I would even be able to even draw a line. You have no idea how much I learned in three weeks!!”

Judy Rosenstein


“I am an educator and have often described Wendy as one of my own best teachers because she models differentiated instruction, critical thinking skills, and excellence in standards.  As an instructor for the past 30 years, Wendy has taught hundreds of students of all ages to appreciate the arts, develop their skills, grow confidence as artists, while modeling the spirit of service and community”

Dania Vazquez, student of seven years



 “I have taken classes in watercolor at quite a few centers and hers is the best; she allows one to work on your own interests, she can answer questions on many styles,  and she only 'bugs" us about the essentials. I don't know of any teacher who can handle portraits, still life, scenery, or other subjects of the students interests. We are not forced to paint her subject matter.”

Joanna Hunt

Student of 8 years


“I started studying watercolor a few years ago, under a very kind and nice teacher, and it was good.  Then I came across an exhibit of Wendy’s students, and I so admired the work, that I brought a friend and came to check out Wendy’s classes.  It was magic!!!!

 Wendy seemed to know so much!!!  She could explain how different elements worked- the physics of the water penetrating the paper!  How to mix your own colors!  Wet on wet, wet on dry, dry on dry and so on!! I have spent a life-time with and around educators, and I have never come across such a wonderful human being and talented teacher.  Wendy is warm,  encouraging, supportive and so thoroughly knowledgeable.  She is very dedicated to both her students and the art she teaches.”

Tina Tenken


“For the last 10 years, the Art Center has been a place of joy for me. Every week I would be welcomed into class by Wendy Soneson, my watercolor teacher and guide. It is because of her that I have continued to join my group of fellow students as we struggle to master the art of watercolor. It is because of her that I have grown as a painter and find joy in the creative process.”

Anita Jamieson


“I am fortunate to have had Wendy as a teacher of the art of watercolor foe the past several years. As an excellent artist and teacher she inspires and challenges her students to grow professionally and personally. She encourages you to visualize the world with an open mind and with open eyes! And translate it into the beauty of watercolor. In addition to being kind and sensitive, she is a wonderful human. “

Shirley Goldstein